Dr. Oz Interview with Jeffrey Smith

Dr Oz interview Jeffrey Smith

Dr. Oz interview: “Dr. Robin Bernhoff past president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Jeffrey Smith author of Genetic Roulette and he’s a filmmaker as well are concerned about the potential health risks of genetically modified foods. No for the sake of full disclosure, my wife Lisa was a narrator on Jeffrey’s film.  And because the things Jeffrey says are so controversial nearly every scientist we reached out to, to defend genetically modified foods said no to coming on the show for one reason or another. Or, they refused to share the stage with him.  So today we are doing something we have never done before.  After Jeffrey makes his points, he has to leave the stage before we can speak to the scientists in favor of genetically modified foods.  (To Jeffrey) I know that will be a little awkward, but we’re going to have this conversation.  Why are you so concerned about genetically modified foods?”

Jeffrey Smith: “Well there’s thousands of doctors around the United States who prescribe non-GMO diets.  And they and their patients are reporting getting better from a variety of diseases very quickly. The same problems they are getting better from are found in laboratory animals when they’re fed GMOs and in livestock they are getting better from these same problems when they take GMOs out of the diet.”

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  1. Alison Van Eenennaam, B.Ag.Sci, M.Sci,, Ph.D. says:

    As a scientist who participated in this show I was never asked to share the stage with Jeffrey Smith, nor did I refuse to do so. That does not mean I consider the things Jeffrey Smith says to be “controversial” – I consider them to be untrue. I work in the field of Animal Science and these “problems” from an ill-defined “variety of diseases” in laboratory animals and livestock that are alluded to by Jeffrey Smith have not been documented in the hundreds of animal feeding studies that have been done with GMO diets. The overwhelming majority of these – including long-term and multigenerational feeding studies (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22155268) conclude “GM plants are nutritionally equivalent to their non-GM counterparts and can be safely used in food and feed.”

    The handful of studies that disagree with this scientific consensus have typically been small in size and poorly designed (e.g. Seralini study), and the results have not been replicated. As a scientist I know it is important to be objective and consider the entire body of evidence when forming an opinoin, and not focus on one or two studies that might agree with your beliefs, while failing to consider a large body of evidence that clearly demonstrates the exact opposite.

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